There are many different cuisines out there to explore. While European food, such as different kinds of pasta and pizzas, have become quite the rage, there is one cuisine that is becoming more popular in recent years. We are talking about Middle Eastern cuisine.

There are many reasons why people are devouring different foods from the Middle Eastern region that extend beyond shawarma, hummus and kebabs. Known for its varieties of spices and aromatic food, Middle Eastern cuisine is finally getting its due recognition. This is a result of many different factors, a few of which we will discuss below. Regardless of these factors, you surely must try out this cuisine if you haven’t already.

Convenience In Delivery

During Covid, when people were forced to stay indoors, the only way to indulge in food was to order from outside. Moreover, many people who do not cook have only one way of having fresh food – ordering in. This inadvertently popularised Middle Eastern food.

Middle Eastern food was easier to package and deliver. The aromatic flavours would only become stronger and better with packaging. Also, during this time, people were trying new food items to experiment as a result of boredom.

All these factors combined made this cuisine highly popular and feasible as a food delivery option.

Rich In Flavour

It is a known fact that Middle Eastern food uses the widest varieties of spices. Each spice has a unique flavour, and different combinations add a unique taste and aroma to the food. From cardamom to cumin, harissa, za’atar, turmeric, saffron, etc., it makes for a spice palette that is very wide and gives rise to unique delicacies. Many times even the same ingredients taste entirely different due to the preparation method and addition of different spices.

Healthy And Colourful

Many people think of Middle Eastern cuisine as having meat or hummus in each dish. However, only foodies who have sufficiently explored the cuisine know that this cuisine has a variety of healthy options. They use olive oil for cooking as well as include a number of vegetables in their diet. Moreover, there are plenty of salads with a hint of spices bringing together the flavours of the vegetables beautifully. Therefore, one can claim that Middle Eastern food is one of the very few foods which makes salad appetising.

Varieties of Dishes

As mentioned above, the spice palette gives rise to a variety of dishes. Also, this region has many different countries which have their own way of cooking and preparing similar dishes. Middle Eastern cuisine has such wide varieties that trying each of them once can be nearly impossible.

Vegan Options Available

There are many dishes in this food category that involve no wheat, no rice and no meat. Just vegetables tossed in olive oil, cooked till crunchy and added spices and coriander. There are many options for vegans and vegetarians out there.

Dish For Everyone

Middle Eastern dishes involve a lot of different desserts that can cater to different tastes. Whether you like pudding, cheesecake, cake, milky desserts, crunchy ones, etc., there is a Middle Eastern dessert for you. Therefore, no matter how popular baklava has become, food lovers get a chance to enjoy halva, kanafeh, kataifi, sahlab, ghyareb, etc. There are desserts that tend to be less sweet and a few others that tend to be extra sweet. So if you love food, there is a dessert for you that comes from the Middle Eastern region.

It Is Still Exotic

While many trends in food come and go, Middle Eastern food always manages to maintain its specialty and rarity amongst people. It represents the rich cultural history of the region along with many health benefits. Unlike many other cuisines that become monotonous very fast due to the limited spice palette, Middle Eastern food keeps you hooked.

Inclination Towards Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are used very generously in many Middle Eastern delicacies. This makes the food look very appealing and adds a crunchy texture to the food item. Moreover, many food recipes coming from the region have a specific dry fruit as its key ingredient. This makes for a different experience. This also gives that extra boost of micro vitamins in the diet, thus, being an optimum choice.

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