“A good restaurant is like a vacation; it transports you, and it becomes a lot more than just about the food.” – Philip Rosethal

Your weekend plans may include exciting outings and adventures. And it might also have a list of restaurants you want to try out. In case you are on the hunt for a really wholesome cuisine, give Arabic cuisine a try. It has many flavours and wide varieties, and the best part is you can always find healthy options that are low-calorie, vegetarian and even vegan. If all these things sound good to you, keep on reading.


This is a dish that is loved by many. Famous street food of Dubai, this is a dish that looks like a pizza. It has a spongy wheat base that is round and golden. It is topped with cheese, stir-fried vegetables cooked in olive oil and also Arabic spices. If you are in the mood for a good evening snack, try this dish.

Iranian Sangak

If you are someone who loves all kinds of loaves of bread in all shapes and sizes, here is an Arabic version. The Iranian Sangak is a rectangular bread snack that you can relish with hummus. A dish that can be enjoyed with many kinds of dips, it is a great accompaniment for your next outing to a Mediterranean restaurant near you.

Chelo Kebab

This dish is surely going to be a guilty pleasure. A dish so flavourful you are bound to come back for it again and again. In this dish, saffron-flavoured basmati rice is served with buttery kebabs. If you always complain about your kebabs being dry, this is the dish for you. It is infused with flavours and texture.

Al Harees

This dish is made from very few ingredients but tastes heavenly. A dish made of wheat, meat and salt to flavour with a few herbs, this dish is unique and should be on the list for all foodies and cuisine enthusiasts out there. For people with a sweet tooth, you can add sugar on top to relish this dish. It is one of the dishes cooked during Ramadan when people observe fast and want to have high protein and high carb food to keep them going throughout the day.

Kousa Mahshi

This is an interesting addition to the list of decadent dishes. A recipe made from zucchini stuffed with cooked and herb-induced rice, it will be surprising how well the ingredients work together. This dish is famous in Dubai, but you can give this a try in a good Mediterranean restaurant nearby.

Shirin Polo

This dish is made up of meat, grated carrots, raisins, meat, and herbs. The crispiness and the sweetness are sure to win you over. However, this dish is best when served at a fine dining restaurant, so it remains authentic and prepared correctly.


For all cheese lovers who want to mix it up, here is a great snacking item for you. Try Kellaj to satisfy your small cravings. It is a dish made from bread loaded with cheese. The best part about this is the hint of charcoal that gives this dish a smokey flavour. The cheese used in this dish is known as halloumi cheese so if you are one of those who like to try different kinds of cheese, this is a must-try.


This is a beautiful salad that is perfect for weight watchers out there. It is made of greens, vegetables, and fried bread pieces giving it a crunchy texture. It has many Arabic spices and another crunchy surprise in the form of pomegranates. This dish is served as a starter and can be ordered for the whole table. It is amazing how the ingredients work together to create a beautiful blend of salad, bread and spices.

Arabic cuisine


Lamb is popularly consumed in most Arab countries. Here is a lamb dish that will definitely be favoured by meat lovers. This dish is prepared from lamb, rice and yoghurt. Generally, this dish is meant to be relished during Eid.

Umm Ali

For a dessert to add to your favourites list, Umm Ali is something to think about. This is prepared by using simple ingredients such as creamy sweet milk with vanilla essence and croissant pieces to give a creamy and chewy texture. This dish has a wide range of variety. People who love milky desserts, try Umm Ali to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Arabic dishes are amazing if made the right way. You can visit Arabella, a Mediterranean restaurant in Sydney, to enjoy many dishes prepared in the most authentic way.