Healthy food options are available in almost all restaurants. Every single restaurant nowadays serves some variety of salad regardless of which cuisine they specialise in. As more people become health conscious, they start driving away from trying out new cuisines and instead stick to Caesar salad.

This is a huge mistake for two reasons. One, our body needs proteins, good fats, fibre, carbohydrates and micro vitamins too. Restricting to just one type of food limits your intake and is unhealthy in the long run. Two, eating healthy does not mean that one has to compromise on the taste and flavour of food. If you are considering trying healthy food, which also tastes great, you must try Middle Eastern food, as you are about to find out how beneficial it can be.

8 Best Middle Eastern Food You Should Try

1. Lentil Soup

Middle Eastern Food

Soups are one of the most low-calorie healthy foods there is. It is packed with the goodness of vegetables; sometimes chicken broth keeps you full. But when we talk about the amazing Middle Eastern lentil soup, it is delicious and has all the rich flavours of beans whilst also satisfying your taste buds with the assortment of different seasonings. This soup is excellent for improving your vitamin B intake and immunity boosting at the same time.

2. Falafel

Middle Eastern Food

A very famous Middle Eastern delicacy, falafel is nutrient-dense. It is a deep-fried chickpea ball, usually served with bread and a side of salad. It is power packed with the goodness of carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and iron. Many weight watchers know the importance of proteins in weight loss benefits. However, they often sideline their fibre intake. This is a huge mistake. Fibre aids in digestion and helps tremendously in losing or maintaining weight. You can choose to bake your falafel to reduce your oil intake. You can also cook falafel in a much low-fat, healthy oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

3. Dolma

Dolma is a Middle Eastern dish made from vine leaves. The vine leaves are used in its recipe to wrap some kind of meat or brown rice. Vine leaves are astonishingly nutrition dense. They contain vitamins A, K, E, C and B6, as well as iron. Vitamin K and vitamin B6 boost hair growth and texture if consumed regularly. Vitamin E is responsible for the moisturisation of skin from the inside out.

4. Tabbouleh

Middle Eastern Food

If you want to try a different kind of salad that is unique and rich in flavour, you can try the Middle Eastern salad known as tabbouleh. This salad is made from ingredients like tomatoes, mint, onion, parsley as well as bulgur. The seasoning consists of olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Many people opt to replace bulgur with couscous or the popular superfood known as quinoa. This salad will give you a range of nutrients and help you improve your immunity.

5. Freekeh

Middle Eastern Food

There are many different superfoods popularised by many influencers on social media. However, if you want to try a Middle Eastern superfood instead, order a freekeh dish soon on your next outing. This super grain is loaded with twice the amount of protein and fibre than quinoa. Not only that, this dish is very filling and can be consumed just like oats.

6. Mejadra

Middle Eastern Food

Mejadra is a kind of comfort food that does not have the calories of comfort food. This Middle Eastern dish consists of rice and lentils cooked together with a variety of spices and cumin seeds. The dish is topped with fried onion to give a twist of crunch. This dish is rich in protein, carbohydrates and wonderful Middle Eastern flavours. You will love this dish if you are fond of rice-based Asian cuisine.

7. Shakshouka

Middle Eastern Food

One of the most preferred ingredients for any health-conscious individual is undoubtedly eggs. Everyone is fond of their breakfast eggs. Moreover, it is enriched with so many nutrients and proteins that it is the preferred choice for most gym enthusiasts. Why not try a Middle Eastern dish for a change? Shakshouka is a new take on a vegetable omelette. It is made by slowly cooking tomatoes and Middle Eastern spices and then cracking an egg into the mix to cook in the flavourful steam. This can quickly become your next favourite egg breakfast.

8. Labneh

Middle Eastern Food

Labneh is slightly a different choice in the list. Labneh is made from cow milk. It is a kind of soft cheese. Although it is made from milk and has a thick yoghurt-like consistency, it is not tangy in flavour. This food is rich in probiotics, which are very important for your gut health. It is very rich in protein, an immunity booster as well as low in calorific value.

Middle Eastern food is very protein and fibre-rich. It has a variety of spices and ingredients and can be an excellent cuisine to explore for fitness-oriented individuals.

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