When the weekend arrives and you make plans, chances are you are more inclined
towards Western cuisine. You lean towards aglio e olio pasta, or risotto, or the new
variation of margherita pizza. When there are so many different cuisines to try out,
sticking to only a few Western dishes because they are the ‘safe’ choice is very

Each region has a unique spice palette giving rise to different delicacies. Therefore,
so many times, the same base ingredients can be made so differently just by
changing a few steps and adding a few other spices.

Arabic culture is known to have a keen interest in the accumulation and agriculture of
spices. It is probably the reason why they have had such a strong influence on
Western cuisine too. Hence, it is not surprising that so many dishes from different
regions have so many similarities.

You must explore different places, cultures, cuisines and flavours. This will enrich
you and make you aware of the different taste palettes around the world. And by
doing so, who knows, you will find a few dishes that hit you just right and become
your next favourite go-to dishes. To make this easier for you, here are some of the
Arabic delicacies that turn Western vibes right around.

5 Arabic Dishes That Will Make You Appreciate the Middle Eastern Cuisine

1. Ful Mudammas

A ful Mudammas is the sibling of hummus that nobody knows of. It is full of protein,
also vegan and keeps you full for a while. The ingredients of ful mudammas are
boiled beans, tomatoes, spices, lemon zest, with the goodness of garlic and chopped
mint leaves. This is a treat that is hard to pass. And why would anyone pass up on
the opportunity to relish a bowl of ful mudammas when it is vegan and guilt-free? It is
one of the best choices if you are watching your weight yet don’t want to miss out on
something good.

2. Sfihaat

Middle Eastern cuisine

If you are a fan of chicken fillings, try the Arabian version of it. It is called Sfihaat.
This variant is sure to make you feel full while introducing you to new flavours. A
fihaat is made as a snack or a side dish. This dish has a triangular coating of flour
dough and a spinach stuffing flavoured with onions, bell peppers and lemon juice.
This stuffing has the star ingredient of chicken pieces or lamb. It is the perfect dish to

snack on. This is also a great alternative to bakery items such as chicken croissants
or chicken quiche.

3. Ka’ak Al Quds

Middle Eastern cuisine

If you are bored of regular pita bread, why not try a more flavourful version of the
same? This dish is popular and comes from the streets of Palestine, directly to you
via your nearby restaurant in Australia. It is baked in an oven to create a firm pocket
giving it an eccentric look. The bread is coated with sesame seeds and savoured
with jam, honey or maple syrup. Ka’ak Al Quds has yoghurt and milk in it, which
gives it a more refined flavour. Next time when you are craving bread, give this a try.

4. Moussaka

Middle Eastern cuisine

This is something you should definitely try for all the lasagna lovers out there. It
means ‘cold’ in the Palestinian dialect. But you can definitely find it equally delectable
after warming it up. Its primary ingredients include eggplant, tomatoes, beef or lamb,
potatoes and bechamel sauce. It has a soft consistency and is full of flavours. The
meat in this preparation is cooked in a different tomato-based sauce making the
meat pieces even more delicious. Therefore, we recommend trying the Arabic
lasagne or Moussaka on your next weekend outing. You can thank us later.

5. Batata Hara (Potatoes Fry)

Middle Eastern cuisine

Are you looking for a nice twist to potatoes? In your next weekend outing, instead of
going for the same old french fries, google ‘Middle Eastern restaurants near me
and try this Lebanese-Syrian dish. This is sure to be your favourite, especially if you
love spicy food and wanna try different variants of potato fry. Instilled with the
goodness of potatoes, bell peppers, coriander and garlic, this will melt in your mouth
and give you a zing. Almost every corner of the world has a variety of spice potatoes,
and it’s worth trying the Arabic variant.

You can try these and many more other Middle Eastern cuisines at Arabella. Give it a
try if you are looking for a taste palette change through a Middle Eastern restaurant
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