Desserts are the comfort foods for many people across the world. What’s interesting is that a bit of variation in their flavour, texture and recipe can change the whole experience of having them. So when you are in Sydney searching on Google for “best lebanese restaurant sydney”, you can try something new every week. One such novel dessert category to try out on your next outing or date is Arabic dessert. If you are looking for an authentic lebanese restaurant sydney, you must try Arabella. You can find decadent flavoured aromatic desserts here, which can transport you directly to the middle east.

A few of the most popular desserts from middle eastern countries are Baklava, Halva, Revani, Ataif, Balouza, Turkish Delight, Sahlab, Riz di haib etc. Each has a distinct flavour and is enriched with crushed dry fruits like walnuts, pistachios and almonds. They also have subtle flavours of rose water and saffron threads, giving them an almost royal theme. As you must know, saffron threads are the most priced spice in the world. Some of these Arabic desserts are so difficult to make that there are professionals specialising in making those desserts. These chefs have decades of experience in making desserts with perfection and finesse.

 You can relish these desserts within reach at Arabella Cafe for desserts in Sydney. To get a crisp idea of these Middle Eastern delights, keep reading.

1. Baklava

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One of the most popular dishes from Turkey, Baklava is loved in many other countries apart from its original place. It is made of phyllo dough and pistachios. This dessert is intricately placed in layers of dough and sugary pistachio bringing out the best combination of a little crunch and flavour. Baklava is also one of the most challenging dishes to make. Therefore, you must try it from an authentic middle eastern restaurant to get the rich flavour.

2. Balouza

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If you are in the mood for a citrus delight, you must try Balouza. This is a unique blend of orange and milk with a creamy texture. It is a bit like pudding and is sometimes garnished with complementing dry fruits like almonds or pistachios.

3. Revani

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Revani is a cake sweetened with sherbet instead of regular white syrup. It has an almost moist cake texture with a layer of crushed dry fruits on top. The main ingredient here is semolina instead of flour. As a result, this dish gives a different flavour than a regular cake. It is a must-try.

4. Kanafeh

A Kanafeh is a dessert made from stretchy cheese and an exterior of dough. The sweetness of this dessert comes from the Sherbet that is poured on it. So if you are in the mood for a cheese dessert, this one is the one to choose.

5. Sahlab

A middle eastern milkshake with the goodness of pistachio scrapes constitutes a Sahlab. This dessert is a cold concoction of rose-water-flavoured milk with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla. Try this dessert for a refreshing treat.

6. Ataif

Ataif is a unique-looking dessert that is shaped like a half-moon. It is usually filled with delicious cream or cheese. Like most Middle Eastern desserts, this may also have a dash of crushed dry fruits. The creamy filling mixed with the chewy cover gives it an amazing texture.

7. Arabic Honey Cake

This dessert is great if you want a healthy option for your sweet cravings. An Arabic honey cake is made from honey, and almonds crunched into the mixture to form a patty. There are many variations in this dish. But rest assured; you are certainly going to enjoy this delicacy.

8. Turkish Delight

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The most popular dessert of all is Turkish Delight. What is this dessert? It is a colourful gel candy with castor sugar coated over it. It has crunchy surprises within its texture. That is because the gel candy part has many crushed pistachios. Try your nearest authentic middle eastern restaurant to get the best Turkish Delight.

 9. Riz di Halib

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This list will only be complete by mentioning this rice dessert. It has a subtle rose water flavour with a creamy texture of milk and rice. A dessert will hit the right tune if you are a rice pudding lover with a different, richer flavour.

10. Booza

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In the mood for a frozen dessert but bored of regular ice cream? Try Booza. Booza is a dessert made from whipped cream, mastic and Sahlep. The method of preparing this dessert is very different from ice cream. It has a frozen yet chewy texture to it. Therefore, you should try this the next time you are in the mood for some frozen desserts.

Despite its harsh climate, Middle Eastern culture has a rich heritage and exquisite cuisine. You can visit Arabella to find the most authentic taste of Arabic delicacies.