When it comes to enjoying the best Middle Eastern food in Sydney, Lebanese cuisine holds a special place, blending rich flavours, fresh ingredients, and traditional cooking methods that tell a story of cultural heritage and culinary excellence. Also, for those craving genuine Lebanese dishes, heading to a top Lebanese restaurant, particularly in the vibrant suburb of Newtown, promises a delightful culinary adventure. Whether you’re searching for the best Lebanese restaurant near you or specifically looking for an exceptional dining experience in Newtown, the array of dishes featuring lamb—a staple in Lebanese cooking—will certainly impress.

Lamb dishes are one of the most sought after delicacies amongst meat lovers. So if you are looking for some interesting places to try new lamb specialties, do visit Arabella. Known for its cosy ambiance and a menu packed with authentic flavours, it’s often tagged as the best Lebanese restaurant in Sydney. This place not only caters to the taste buds of those who cherish traditional Lebanese cuisine but also welcomes newcomers who are keen to explore rich and hearty dishes. Here, we dive into five lamb-based specialties that keep locals and visitors coming back for more.

1. Pesto Lamb Fillets 

The Pesto Lamb Fillets have rightfully earned their spot as the top seller in this renowned Lebanese restaurant near Newtown. Imagine tender lamb fillets, perfectly cooked to preserve all their juiciness, and then draped in a fresh basil and cream sauce. This creamy sauce adds a luxurious touch to the lamb, enriching its natural flavours without overpowering them. Served on a bed of softly cooked potatoes that absorb every hint of basil and cream, this dish is a comforting, hearty choice for anyone who loves a good, flavour-packed meal.

2. Sambousik 

Next on the menu are the Sambousik, a delightful treat for anyone with a fondness for appetisers that pack a punch. These are not just any pastry pockets; they’re deep-fried to achieve a perfect golden crunch on the outside, while inside, they’re stuffed with a mixture of lamb, onions, herbs, and pine nuts. Each bite offers a crunchy texture followed by the savoury, slightly sweet filling that makes these pockets so irresistible. Sambousik makes a great start to a meal, setting the stage for the rich flavours yet to come.

3. Fried Kebbi 

Fried Kebbi is another must-try for visitors. These small, crispy delights are made with a blend of lamb mince, onions, and pine nuts, forming a mix that’s full of texture and taste. The pine nuts add a subtle crunch and nuttiness that complements the lamb beautifully, while the onions offer a slight sweetness that balances the savoury notes of the meat. Fried to perfection, these kebbi are a splendid choice for anyone looking for a genuine taste of Lebanese street food.

4. Hummus with Meat  

No visit to a Lebanese eatery would be complete without sampling some hummus, and the Hummus with Meat at this Lebanese Newtown location is a standout. Smooth, creamy hummus is topped with finely diced lamb fillet and sprinkled with pine nuts, creating a dish that’s rich in flavours and textures. The lamb adds a hearty element to the dish, making it substantial enough to serve as a main course, not just a side dish. Pair it with fresh, warm bread, and you’ve got a meal that feels both traditional and satisfying.

5. Makanek

Lastly, the Makanek are a testament to the simple yet profound flavours that Lebanese cuisine has to offer. These aren’t just any sausages; they are oven-baked lean lamb mince sausages, seasoned with pomegranate and lemon. The pomegranate lends a sweet, tart edge to the meat, while the lemon brings its bright zestiness into the mix, elevating the lamb’s natural flavours to create a truly unique dish. Makanek can be enjoyed as a snack, appetiser, or part of a larger feast, versatile in its simplicity and loved for its distinctive taste.

These five dishes showcase the best of Lebanese lamb cuisine, each offering a unique take on traditional ingredients and cooking methods. When you visit this Lebanese restaurant in Newtown, you’re not just stepping in for a meal; you’re embarking on a culinary journey. 

Alongside the five stellar lamb specialties, this Lebanese restaurant offers many other lamb delicacies.So if you are still looking for more variety here are two bonus dishes from their menu. These bonus offerings are perfect for those looking to expand their palate and enjoy a more extensive taste of what this culinary hotspot has to offer.

Bonus Dish 1: Lebanese Pizza Manoush Meat

When you think of pizza, Lebanese might not be the first cuisine that comes to mind, but the Manoush Meat will change that perspective. This Lebanese-style pizza is a delightful concoction that combines the comforting familiarity of pizza with the vibrant flavours of the Middle East. 

The base is topped with finely minced lamb, fresh tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and a dollop of cooling yoghurt, all finished with a sprinkle of fresh mint. This fusion of ingredients creates a refreshing, flavourful flatbread that is both satisfying and light, making it an excellent choice for any meal of the day.

Bonus Dish 2: Mixed Lamb and Chicken Shawarma

For those who appreciate a good mix of proteins, the Mixed Lamb and Chicken Shawarma is a must-try. This dish features beautifully marinated strips of chicken and lamb, layered over a crisp bed of cabbage and parsley. The meat is expertly cooked to ensure every slice is tender and richly flavoured, having soaked up the aromatic marinade. 

Served with a side of creamy garlic dip and tahini sauce, this shawarma offers a harmonious blend of textures and flavours that merge together with each bite. It’s a hearty, fulfilling dish that perfectly captures the essence of traditional Lebanese shawarma with a dual-meat twist.

Whether you’re drawn in by the allure of pesto lamb fillets, the crunch of sambousik, or the innovative fusion found in the Lebanese pizza and mixed shawarma, the Lebanese restaurant in Newtown promises a culinary experience that’s steeped in authenticity and bursting with flavour. Each dish, crafted with care and a deep respect for traditional Lebanese cooking techniques, invites diners to explore the rich tapestry of flavours that Middle Eastern cuisine has to offer.

So, if you’re looking for the best Middle Eastern food in Sydney, remember this charming spot in Newtown. Here, every dish tells a story, every bite is a celebration of heritage, and every visit leaves you planning the next. Come and indulge in a meal that goes beyond mere dining—it’s a journey into the heart of Lebanon itself, right here in Sydney. Click here to make your reservations at Arabella