So, you’re on the hunt for the best Lebanese food near you (or looking up “best Lebanese food near me” on your phone). You’ve seen pictures of colourful dips and overflowing veggie platters, and your stomach’s already rumbling. But is it just hype, or is Lebanese food truly something special?

The truth is, Lebanese cuisine is more than just trendy. It’s a window into a rich culture with a long history. Every bite tells a story, influenced by the sunshine-soaked Mediterranean coast, the spice caravans of old, and the generations of families who’ve perfected these recipes.

Think of it like this: when you find a Lebanese restaurant menu that gets authentic food right, it’s like stumbling upon a hidden gem. It tells you they care about tradition, about using quality ingredients, and about creating an experience that goes beyond just filling your belly.

That’s exactly what we strive for here. We want to take you on a delicious adventure through Lebanon through one of the best Lebanese food in Sydney, and these four dishes are a great place to start:


Let’s be honest, hummus might seem a bit basic. But trust us, the difference between good hummus and great hummus is like night and day. Here, we take this classic chickpea spread seriously. We use premium quality beans, slow-cooked to creamy perfection, then blend them with the perfect amount of tahini (sesame seed paste) for a nutty richness. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice adds a touch of tang, and a drizzle of olive oil finishes it all off.

The beauty of hummus is its versatility. It’s the ultimate social food, perfect for scooping up with warm pita bread and sharing with friends. It can be a light starter or a hearty dip for grilled vegetables. And let’s not forget the sheer satisfaction of that first smooth bite – a creamy, flavourful punch that sets the tone for the Lebanese feast ahead. This is the best Lebanese food in Sydney, classic and never disappoints if you go to the right place, such as Arabella.


Hummus wouldn’t be the same without its refreshing sidekick – tabbouleh. This vibrant salad is all about celebrating the freshness of Lebanese ingredients. We use a mountain of finely chopped parsley, the heart and soul of the dish. Then comes the wide variation of other herbs – fragrant mint, cool scallions, and sometimes even a touch of dill. Toasted bulgur wheat adds a satisfying chew, and a simple lemon vinaigrette ties everything together.

Tabbouleh is more than just a salad; it’s a burst of flavours on a plate. Each mouthful is a party of textures and flavours – the crispness of the herbs against the fluffy bulgur, the bright acidity of the lemon, and the subtle sweetness of the tomatoes. It’s a perfect counterpoint to richer dishes or simply a delightful appetiser on its own. Do look for tahini in your next outing at a Lebanese restaurant menu.


Lebanese cuisine isn’t all about dips and salads. They know how to do meat right, and kibbeh is their national champion. This dish comes in many variations, but ours features a juicy ground lamb or beef filling seasoned with onions, fragrant mint, and a hint of warming spices. The magic happens when this flavourful mixture is encased in a shell of cracked wheat. The result? A textural explosion in your mouth.

The beauty of kibbeh is its versatility. We offer it baked, fried, or even raw (known as kibbeh nayyeh) – the choice is yours! Each cooking method brings out a different side of this dish. Baked kibbeh has a crispy shell and a tender interior, while fried kibbeh offers a delightful crunch in every bite. Kibbeh nayyeh is for the adventurous – the raw meat just melts in your mouth, leaving behind a many exotic flavours.

No matter how you choose it, kibbeh is a must-try for any meat lover on our Lebanese restaurant menu. It’s a dish that’s both hearty and flavourful, perfect for enjoying with friends or savouring on its own.


No Lebanese meal is complete without a decadent dessert. Baklava is a showstopper, a masterpiece of layered filo pastry that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious. We use paper-thin sheets of filo, brushed with butter and stacked high. Inside, a fragrant mixture of chopped nuts like walnuts or pistachios fills the pastry, all sweetened with orange blossom water for a touch of floral magic.

The final touch? A warm bath of honey syrup, soaking into the layers of filo and creating a glistening, golden masterpiece. Baklava is a textural delight – the crispness of the pastry gives way to a soft and nutty interior, all bathed in the sweetness of the honey. It’s a fitting end to a meal that celebrates the rich tapestry of Lebanese flavours.

So if you are on the search for the best Lebanese food in Sydney, don’t forget to explore the extensive dishes and mouth watering delicacies in our Lebanese restaurant menu today. Find all about Arabella here.