Award Winning Lebanese Food Restaurant of Sydney

Arabella Restaurant & Bar strives to deliver a colossal dining experience, involving traditional scrumptious Lebanese food in Sydney which simply makes people ask for more and more. This genuine Arabic food restaurant is located in the West end of Newtown, which is well known among the Middle Eastern families in Sydney who are mostly food lovers.

During the past years Arabella Restaurant has developed a fine reputation in the Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine Restaurants of Sydney and is famous for its glorious and amusing Lebanese ambiance. This is a destination which is well known among the people of New South Wales who highly recommend dining at Arabella due to its exceptional dining experience and the services which this restaurant provides to all of its customers. Those people, who recognize the real taste of Lebanese food, will take pleasure in spending time in the splendid Lebanese Restaurant present in the suburbs of New South Wales in Newtown, Sydney.

Let your taste buds enjoy the subtle as well as spicy flavors of the traditional Arabic cuisine, offered by Arabella which is considered and approved by the customers as the best Lebanese restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Arabella continues to be a popular dine in place on weekends, because it offers people with a great atmosphere that matches Lebanese theme along with the belly dancers that keep you entertained. It is a perfect venue for corporate lunches and dinners, parties, family dinners and events which you want to celebrate in Sydney.

No matter what the purpose of your visit may be at Arabella Restaurant, we guarantee that you are ultimately going to experience the traditional Lebanese style ambiance complementing Arabic and Middle Eastern tasty food which is famous all around the globe in Newtown, Sydney.